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Coca-Cola Refreshments, USA identified surplus real estate near the border of Indiana and Ohio in Richmond, Indiana. Due to changes in customer demand, technology changes in the logistics industry and increasing transportation costs, Coca-Cola no longer required this additional node in their supply chain. The number one goal of the seller was to maximize the sale proceeds.

“Dustin is an aggressive listing broker. Aside from his work in maximizing our proceeds, it was refreshing to discover there are still real estate professionals out there that will continue assisting through the due diligence and all the way through.”

- Ken Owens, Corporate Real Estate Manager, Coca-Cola Refreshments, USA


Coca-Cola Refreshments, USA hired RESOURCE Commercial’s Dustin Looper, Senior Vice President, Industrial Services, to market the property. Dustin solely and aggressively marketed the property to local occupiers, investors, the local Economic Development Corporation, and actively discussed the requirements of surrounding competitor’s offices in Indiana and Ohio.


Dustin’s aggressive marketing efforts paid dividends by creating a competitive environment through actively seeking out three qualified and capable buyers within a few short months. In understanding the goal of each potential buyer, the customer contracts they needed to uphold, and the infrastructure and real estate required to achieve their goals, Dustin drove the initial offers up to a point of maximum value. The property, which was unimproved since original construction in 1995, sold at the highest price per square foot since the early 2000’s.

Note: We have several professionals with substantial client transactional experience prior to joining RESOURCE Commercial, which is included above.