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RESOURCE needed to provide an acceptable lease deal for a new OfficeMax location in the former Dunes Plaza Shopping Center. Many other big box users were also contacting the Chicago-Based developer.

“Joe Tarpey represented OfficeMax throughout the State of Indiana. Joe was one of the hardest working and most thorough brokers representing us, who did best what all good brokers should do -- he persistently but cheerfully kept both landlord and tenant talking until the deal got done.”

- Bob Kranz, Office Max, OfficeMax


Joe provided the developer with enough information to reach a mutually agreed upon letter of intent (LOI) between the developer/ landlord and the tenant. Joe kept both parties communicating until the deal was completed and the lease was fully executed.


They were able to agree to all of the terms of the lease. Timing of constructing and meeting the timelines were all critical issues in the developmental process. The new OfficeMax store was able to open on time as planned in October 2014.

Note: We have several professionals with substantial client transactional experience prior to joining RESOURCE Commercial, which is included above.