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Siemer Milling Company, headquartered in Teutopolis, Illinois, engages in innovative flour-based businesses. It off ers flours for applications, such as bagel, cookie, pizza dough, batter, cone, pretzel, biscuit, cracker, soup, bread, donut, tortilla, breading, gravy, bun, pastry, cake and pancake; wheat bran for applications, such as breads, cereals, snacks, fiber fortification, dietary supplement, industrial, cat food, dog food and livestock feed; and wheat for the making of foods, such as cookies, crackers, cakes, pretzels, batters and breadings, bread, and biscuits.


Siemer, which employs over 125 team members, was in need of adding another milling operation in the Midwest to meet growing customer demand. Siemer hired Brian Wahl of RESOURCE to perform building/site selection in examining the option of establishing a new milling operation in Illinois, Indiana or Ohio.


Siemer engaged Brian to assist in locating a viable new facility and procuring incentives for the potential milling facility. Brian worked closely with company executives to examine multiple site location scenarios and costs. Brian negotiated with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), City of West Harrison Indiana and Dearborn County Indiana to procure tax credits and incentive assistance.

Note: We have several professionals with substantial client transactional experience prior to joining RESOURCE Commercial, which is included above.