relocation services

The pandemic has proven challenging for everyone – from offices needing less space as employees work from home, to industrial facilities not having enough space due to increased demand.  In either scenario, our talented team of relocation experts have the background and experience to help any client upgrade or down-size their space to best accommodate their needs.

When it comes to moving an office or a manufacturing facility, there are many different components and moving parts that require a detailed plan and process in order to ensure the finest of details are effectively and efficiently handled.  Working closely with a seasoned relocation expert, who understands both the pre-planning needs and post-move process, not only ensures the move goes smoothly, but it takes the burden off of you and your team and allows you to focus on what you do best, managing your business.

Relocation experts specialize in assisting businesses and organizations through the relocation and renovation process for a variety of workspaces.  They help with the relocation process from the planning to the actual moving process – paying careful attention to detail along the way, from programming, space utilization, analytics, moving, installation, and more.  A relocation expert provides insight before, during, and after the relocation process and essentially acts as your one-stop-shop for all your relocation needs.  Not only do relocation experts alleviate the stress of the big move, but they also help lower costs and increase efficiency – which are critical pieces when it comes to managing your business.  Below are just a few ways in which a relocation expert can help your business do both.


Our relocation professionals will help design your new space to fit your specific needs.  The layout of a space, whether an office or warehouse, needs to be conducive to the way you operate as an organization.  Our team understands this and will design your new space in a way that allows you to maximize its potential, as well as your own.


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As your relocation partner, we work not only with you, but directly with external vendors as well.  We coordinate with all parties involved in the moving process and oversee the entire project.  Our team will manage not only the project, but the people as well, and we will keep you in the loop as the project unfolds. We touch all vendors that are involved in a project. Coordination and communication are key factors for a smooth and successful transition, whether that transition is a relocation or renovation and re-stack of an office, manufacturing facility, a healthcare facility, or an educational facility.


Relocation professionals plan out every step, from the big-picture down to the fine-print of the move.  We plan for complexity in advance so that when time for the move comes, we are prepared for anything and can better avoid any snare.


As far as functionality, we want to help curate your space specifically for you.  We understand the importance of utilizing space and optimizing layouts, which is why we make it our priority to learn your objectives with the relocation, so we can do our part to help you achieve your desired result.  We’ll install your furniture and technology in such a way to help keep everyone connected, in a time where people and things tend to feel apart.


During the relocation process, there are many moving parts, assets like furniture, technology, and equipment, all need to be carefully managed during the process to avoid product loss and delays.  Keeping track of all of these pieces can bog down corporations, which is why we do our part and oversee the whole process.  We will keep track of your project and inventory, while keeping you in the know the whole process.


Our team is also well-suited to meet your asset disposition needs – ready to help you liquidate, recycle, or donate unnecessary assets.  We are ready to help with furniture, fixtures, technology, and equipment.  Once your move is over, the last thing you want to worry about is any additional assets.  We will take care of that for you so you can get right to work.


The answer is simple.  Relocation experts partner with your organization and coordinate every aspect of the moving process down to the last detail.  From planning your new space, to coordinating every step of the moving process, down to installation and set-up of the new location, relocation experts take care of every step.  Knowing an expert is in control of your project will ease your mind and allow you and your team to do what you do best and run your business.  In the long run, hiring a relocation expert increases efficiency, and saves you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

With summer in full swing, being outside and enjoying the weather is a top priority. For office workers, it’s a source of disappointment and yearning. A common complaint of corporate employees is working through summer days –locked inside while the sun is shining in all its glory! After all, spending time outdoors and in the sun has been proven to boost our mood, making us happier, more productive, and healthier.

Modern technology has birthed “smart windows”, allowing for desirable views without killing the electricity bill in warmer summer months. The windows can adjust their tint based on the strength of the sun, preventing any window-seat employees from feeling like a fried egg.

The good news is tenants are aware of the need to provide their employees with a taste of the outdoors while working at their desks: recent studies show that “corporate tenants are willing to pay 6.1% more in rent for offices with abundant access to natural light.”

Location is important, but landlords are starting to realize that the added value of natural light boosts the marketability of a property and improves the likelihood that tenants will stay long-term.  An office property in Seattle was able to increase its rent by 16% after renovating their windows to smart windows.

Developers and Real Estate companies across the U.S. are starting to follow suit, modernizing current windows to attract tenants. A company in Ontario surveyed its employees after a move to a new office space that featured smart window technology. With more natural light, these employees “were 5 times more likely to rate their workplace as healthy, had 5 times more pride in their company, and were 3 times more excited to go to work than they were prior to the move.”

I’m a millennial, though just barely, but I have also been working at RESOURCE on the Office Services Team for over ten years now, and I have seen huge changes in the world of office space in response to the ups and downs of the economic climate these past ten years. The availability of money affected things.