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Chris Beck

Associate Broker //


Chris is uniquely qualified with a background in agriculture and understanding the culture and goals of various clients from multiple industries.


Chris’ greatest accomplishment is graduating from Purdue University’s College of Technology as well as earning a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Purdue University. Working as a production manager at a farm while he was attending Purdue allowed Chris to learn effective time management skills. It also provided Chris with many great learning experiences, farmer interactions and long work days (that he enjoyed). In addition to working as a production manager at a farm, Chris also held the position as House Operations Manager which was very beneficial for Chris. The position was beneficial because his house was in a transition period of relocating to a new fraternity house. This experience allowed him to interact frequently with the contractor during various steps of the building process as well as post construction property management.


Chris is passionate about music, farming and Real Estate. He also enjoys playing his guitar, spending time with family and friends as well as working outside on various projects.