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Cooper Laikin

Director of Business Development //


From tenant representation to site selection, Cooper builds a customized team around each client to help solve their problems and meet their goals. He specializes in working with new tech companies looking to grow in Indiana. Using his background in private equity, he is able to get insight into the startup market and help clients connect with buyers, sellers, and investors. Cooper’s goal is to grow with each company rather than being “just a broker.”


Prior to joining RESOURCE, Cooper was Vice President of Sales for an electronic vapor company where he facilitated meetings to promote distribution networks to hundreds of retail locations throughout Indiana. Previously, as a Principal at L3 Investments, Cooper analyzed and reviewed over 1,000 business plans, looking for opportunities that would be beneficial for the company. Working closely with his team, Cooper successfully invested in 20 different projects, generating an average ROI of 30 percent.


Cooper loves helping other people to do their best, whether it is inside or outside of work. He hopes to one day have a family and be a field expert in Indianapolis. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and discovering new places to go to. Cooper enjoys playing on the company softball and kickball teams. He also loves to travel, especially to Hawaii because of the gorgeous scenery and the laid back atmosphere. Cooper loves Indianapolis and getting involved in charities and community events. Despite liking all kinds of food, his favorite place to go to is The Eagle in Indianapolis.