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Michael Drew, CCIM

Senior Vice President //


Michael helps his clients find investment properties and landowner clients find developers. He helps market investment properties, working with marketing, creating an offering memorandum and following each deal through to the very end. He identifies his buyer’s acquisition criteria with an on-market or off-market property that meets their needs. Mike’s mission and focus is to provide investment real estate services to customers who are owners and buyers of income-producing properties.


Michael has over 30 years of experience specializing in Investment Property Sales, including 25 years as President of M.B. Drew Company. Mike and his team has more than $1.2 Billion in investment sales, including multifamily, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial and hotel properties. Throughout his career, Mike has advised institutional clients, REITs and private investors in the areas of acquisition, disposition and financing services. He has represented or advised a number of well-known clients and customers including Pedcor, Village Green Companies, Sterling American, Inc., Travelers Insurance and Prudential Insurance Co. of America.


Michael enjoys spending time with his family, children and grandchildren. On his free time, Mike enjoys reading non-fiction books, two of his favorite books being “Happiness is an Inside Job” by John Powell, S. J. and “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life” by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey. He loves to travel, exercise by walking the two mile loop in his neighborhood and the treadmill at Lifetime Fitness. Michael loves his family and he’s found his best way to support his family is real estate, it’s competitive and it’s fun to communicate with capable professionals. Over the years he’s learned that he can’t make his customers buy anything, he can only give them enough information to make them want to buy something.

Select Projects

  • Sterling American, Inc.
  • AEW Capital Management
  • Village Green Companies
  • Pedcor
  • McKinley Associates
  • Prudential Insurance Co. of America
  • The Holladay Group
  • Novogroder Companies, Inc.
  • Extell Developement Company
  • International Capital
  • Western & Southern Life Insurance Co.
  • Railroadmens Federal Savings & Loan
  • American Trans Air
  • John Hancock Properties
  • Goldoller
  • College Life Insurance Companies
  • Equitec Properties Company
  • Harcourt Management Company